Two minutes with Chef Patron, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias

At Casa, you return to the family’s restaurateur roots and offer an Italian menu - what’s it like cooking with a new larder of ingredients?

We’ve always been super conscious about the ingredients we’re using, and how we’re saucing - so that’s not changed. But we’re so excited to be able to use these brand new suppliers here. We’ve found some people who are inspired by Italian ingredients, but they’re making it in London, and we’re fortunate to be able to get ham and cheese that is exciting and with us within 24 hours - direct from the farmer.

Paco Tapas is one of the few Spanish restaurants in the UK with a Michelin-star, which are your favourite dishes from the menu?

I’ve got so many dishes that I love - some that we always have on like the tortilla and Joel’s Pedro Ximinez Flan that’s fast becoming a signature. But I also like to order the Cornish day boat fish too - lightly aged so you get this crispy skin when it’s cooked over the fire.

Paco Tapas is named after your Dad, Paco - can we still find him working the restaurant floors from time to time?

He’s 78 now, so he’s not there every day anymore but the beautiful thing is, he can go to the restaurant with his friends, whenever he likes, and just check in to see how it’s doing. He’ll just walk around and talk to people there - and that’s what I always wanted - for him to enjoy it.