Two minutes with Neil Benson, owner of Vinegar Yard and Hackney Bridge

You’re known for throwing excellent parties at both venues - what’s the best party you’ve thrown to date do you think?

We've done some great collaborations with Time Out and some amazing corporate parties (where the events team transform the site) but my favourite nights are the big sport events and the Lionnesses winning the Euros last summer was very special.

Only choosing dishes from your vendors at Hackney Bridge and Vinegar Yard - what’s your desert island meal? 

That's like asking which of your children is your favourite! What I like best about the sites is there's enough choice that whatever you're mood you can find something that you fancy.

Best seat in the house (at either venue) and why?

My favourite place to be is in the middle of the action watching everything that's happening all around but we've got plenty of quieter options where you can just sit back and enjoy.