TONIC is a leading voice within the hospitality industry and our communications strategies have helped countless businesses engage with their target audiences. We’re diligent, thoughtful communicators who take time to understand the brands and individuals we represent, creating bespoke strategies to promote them.

We specialise in communications and PR for hospitality and travel brands, businesses, people and products - from chefs to bars, hotels to cookbooks. We provide a refreshing take on comms and PR strategies out of our London and Scotland offices, and we also offer full content creation services for social media via our sister agency, Tonic Studio.

At TONIC we specialise in;

Hospitality PR

With over 20 years’ experience representing the best in the business, Tonic knows hospitality PR inside out - it’s undoubtedly the backbone of our work at the agency. We look for clients who are ambitious and the best in their respective fields - be that Michelin-starred restaurants, wine bars, pop-ups or national groups.

Travel PR

With clients throughout the UK, and offices in London and Scotland, we’re always looking beyond our immediate vicinity, and we know how to promote destinations and build hospitality brands beyond neighbourhoods. From pubs with rooms, rural boltholes and spas to international hotel groups, we work with a range of venues in an array of locations and know what and how to pitch to generate cut through in a busy market.


For hospitality businesses in Scotland looking for national acclaim, we are uniquely positioned to support you. Our Scottish clients get a hands-on, fully immersed team who also have a black book of national critics and journalists earned from representing the best restaurants and chefs in London and beyond. Read more here.

Social Media

Tonic Studio is our social creative agency specialising in social media for hospitality. We create and edit imagery and video that brings your brand to life.

Services include daily management of social channels, implementing effective influencer campaigns, and high-quality content creation from our in-house team of specialists. See who we work with?


We’re proud to have a team who possess the most brilliant communication skills, and who enjoy being fully immersed in the restaurant industry through their work.

Frances Cottrell-Duffield

Founder (She/her/hers)


Frances Cottrell-Duffield

Rafaella Holzapfel

Managing Director of Tonic Studio (She/her/hers)


Rafaella Holzapfel

Ianthe Cox-Willmott

Director of PR (She/her/hers)


Georgina MacDougall

Account Director (She/her/hers)


Georgina MacDougall

Phoebe Kelner

Account Director (She/her/hers)


Millie Lagares

Head of Content, Tonic Studio (She/her/hers)


Pay it Forward

The Tonic Pay It Forward campaign was set up in direct response to the growing levels of hunger and food insecurity in the UK. 

It's in such juxtaposition to the abundant hospitality scene we are fortunately immersed in, and at Tonic we are compelled to try and make a positive change.

An intrinsic part of our work is to book in media and influencers to experience brilliant meals at our clients’ venues, on the house, and we’re very often fortunate to enjoy this hospitality ourselves.

Two years in and we're proud to have raised and donated over £20,000 to our chosen charities (The Trussell Trust, Magic Breakfast, Made In Hackney, Carib Eats, The Soup Kitchen, E5 Baby Bank, the Edinburgh Food Project, Bake For Ukraine and Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts). 

The Tonic Pay It Forward format is simple: every complimentary meal given-to or facilitated-by Tonic since 22 October 2020 has been matched by donating a meal to someone hungry, and we pledge that it will forever remain an integral part of our business. We have huge ambitions for this - we want to raise as much money as possible and to connect the disparate food experiences in London, Edinburgh, the Ukraine and beyond.

Such is the power of our community, and the calibre of people and companies we partner with that alongside our donations many clients, journalists and friends have been energised by the initiative and joined us too. To all of you committed to creating positive change too, we’re proud to have you alongside us.

To hear more about our fundraising and how you can help you can sign up here.