This spring, get ready for a culinary adventure, as we journey through the heart of the Balkans with DOMA: Contemporary Flavours from the Balkan Diaspora, a captivating new cookbook by Spasia Pandora Dinkovski. This vibrant cookbook offers a delightful fusion of traditional recipes, heartwarming stories, and a fresh take on the rich culinary heritage of North Macedonia.

Spasia Dinkovski, recognised as an Observer Food Monthly Rising Star, has spearheaded a revival of interest in Balkan cuisine, making her mark on London's contemporary food and drink scene through London's beloved supperclub and delivery service, and now newly opened shop, Mystic Burek. What started as a lockdown hobby driven by a longing for her grandmother's traditional cheese and egg filo pie has evolved into an iconic culinary experience.

DOMA takes you on a mouth-watering exploration of North Macedonian cuisine. Spasia's mission is simple but profound - to share the flavourful traditions of North Macedonia with the world. With 80 innovative recipes,this cookbook showcases a playful blend of traditional flavours and modern gastronomic creativity. The Balkans, a culturally diverse region, draw from a wide array of food traditions spanning the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and Southern Europe. This cookbook appeals to a broad readership, making these recipes accessible and familiar. Doma offers a diverse selection of meat-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan recipes, including small plates, mains, preserves, and delectable desserts. Each dish is accompanied by essays that unveil personal stories of food traditions in the region.

DOMA is set to captivate the hearts and appetites of food enthusiasts, adventurers, and anyone with a passion for delicious, diverse cuisine.