Two minutes with Steve, Andrew and Daniel, founders of Acme Fire Cult

Tell us about the inspiration behind Acme Fire Cult?

Acme comes from the Greek word akmē (the point at which something is at its best or most highly developed), and with Acme Fire Cult we wanted to challenge the perceptions of BBQ food, so here vegetables take centre stage. Our partnership with 40FT Brewery is also central to everything, so food and drink are intrinsically linked; from using beer by-products such as yeast and spent grain to make ferments and hot sauces, to using Acme’s favourite ingredients as adjuncts in beers, such as ancho chillies.

Acme Fire Cult works in close partnership with 40FT Brewery, minimising waste by using byproducts from the brewing process to create ingredients for dishes. What have the most unexpected dishes and discoveries you’ve come up with using this approach?

We make a “marmite” from the leftover brewers yeast and make a butter with it, which douse sourdough from our neighbours, The Dusty Knuckle in. It’s incredibly like marmite, with a strong salty, umami profile.

Which dish could you never take off the menu?

The coal roast leeks. They’ve been on since the start and we’d never take them off - they’ve become an Acme signature.