Two minutes with Tong Chee Hwee, Chef Patron of Gouqi

Tell us about the name Gouqi and why you chose it?

Gouqi Island is the second largest in Shengsi County, Zhoushan City (40 miles east of Shanghai). Known for its goji berry shrubs, it was also one of the best-preserved fishing villages, which has now been reclaimed by nature. Goji berries are a symbol of health and vitality - and also happen to be one of my favourite ingredients, so that's where the name Gouqi (pronounced 'goji') came from. 

How would you describe the menu?

It's a fine dining Chinese sharing concept - with dishes arriving as and when they're ready. There's a big focus on premium produce, sustainable seafood, as well as locally sourced ingredients. 

What drew you to open the restaurant in St James’s? 

It really feels like the heart of London. We're right by Trafalgar Square, which is full of life, whether that's diplomats staying at nearby embassies, pre-theatre goers or Londoners doing their shopping.