Two minutes with Lisbon's Henrique Sá Pessoa, Executive Chef at JOIA

You have restaurants in Lisbon and Amsterdam, how does JOIA compare to your other restaurants around the globe?

JOIA is completely unique to my other restaurants yet reflects so much about what I love about Portugal and Spain! Not only through the recipes but the interiors and overall ambience - simple yet sophisticated, delicious, unfussy and relaxed.

What dishes on the menu have London diners been enjoying the most?

It has to be the Bacalhau à Brás.

We’re excited to try some of the cocktails at JOIA Bar, what was your inspiration behind the menu?

We wanted to bring something to London that hasn’t been done before – totally unique and using ingredients that are unusual to pair together but often celebrated where I’m from. JOIA means ‘jewel’ in Portuguese, so the 12 signature cocktails are inspired by 12 precious Iberian jewels.