Two minutes with Darcie Maher

How do you come up with new bakes for the Lannan menu?

My inspiration usually comes as the seasons change. As a pastry chef, it's always exciting to see new produce coming into season. New produce brings new ideas. I'm always thinking about pastry, I have my best ideas when I'm out walking.

What are some of your favourite bakeries in the UK?

I’ve only been to TOAD once but as soon as I stepped through the door I knew it would be a favourite. Notable mentions include their yuzu Jaffa cakes and laminated cornbread pastry. I absolutely love the croissants at Jolene, too. They use 100% stoneground flour without compromising on texture which is a challenging thing to do well. 

What's your signature bake?

Anything laminated to be honest - probably a classic croissant.