Two minutes with Nessa's founder, Guy Ivesha and Tom Cenci, Executive Chef

Tell us about the name Nessa and why you chose it?

Guy: The restaurant is named after the painter Vanessa Bell who was a member of the Bloomsbury group. We thought this was the perfect fit for a restaurant which celebrates British culture, London's creative history and the neighbourhood of Soho at its heart.

What’s the best seat at the Nessa bar and what should you order?

Guy: My favourite spot is tucked around the corner of the bar, out of the way, where you can peacefully watch the whole room and Warwick Street outside. I'd recommend doing this and ordering a Boho Negroni with Tom's homemade BBQ spiced crisps.

Nessa’s known for its playful and inventive twists on British classics. Which dish (or dishes) have been the most fun to create?

Tom: One of my favourite dishes on the menu is the Black Pudding Brioche. It’s such a simple dish but it feels luxurious and decadent, while the presentation is quite playful. It’s been incredibly popular with diners.