Two minutes with Stevie Parle, owner of Pastaio

What's your favourite restaurant pasta dish?

I have a pasta restaurant so pretty sure it’s actually at Pastaio... no doubt I’d answer this differently every time I’m asked. There's a tiny shack on a beach in Liguria that you can only access by boat called Da Laura. It’s like a dream. They serve exceptional pasta, silken sheets of lasagnetti with benchmark Ligurian pesto and chopped mussels with linguini - both exceptional. The pesto is perfect.

Apart from Pastaio, where else do you like to eat?

The Sportsman. It’s often named best pub in the country, and luckily for me it's almost my local. I love a Vietnamese baguette too. Recently I had a truly delicious classic version at Bahn Mi Aha!

What are your most-used kitchen tools?

My Le Creuset pans, which last forever, and my Japanese knives. I have some I bought in Tokyo and some from Blenheim Forge (Peckham). I don't have a lot of fancy kit or gadgets.