Two minutes with Rosa's co-founder, Saiphin Moore

Growing up in Phetchabun (Northern Thailand), what inspired you to start cooking?

Watching my mum and nan cook everyday growing up made me want to cook like them too. I started helping them around the kitchen when I was only about 6 or 7. I would sit around the charcoal grill with them and my aunties and uncles, cooking ingredients that we’d foraged from the jungle or bought from the local Mhong village fresh market.

You started Rosa’s Thai as a market stall back in 2007. Did you ever imagine that one day, this stall would lead to you opening restaurants across the country?

I've always dreamed of having more than one stall in a market, but for this to come true to the level that it is today still fascinates me.

If you could only keep one dish from the Rosa’s menu, what would it be?

Minced chicken laab salad!