Two minutes with Lloyd Morse and James Snowdon, co-owners of The Palmerston

If you have a Sunday off, what are you cooking for lunch?

Lloyd: I get the most spectacular chickens from Katie Phillips at Pasture Poultry in Biggar. Roasted simply with some sea salt. I like a chicken with a potatoes boulangères with plenty of our friend, butter.

Are there any ingredients or dishes that you’d never put on the menu?

Lloyd: Îles flottantes! They're just a bit shit really - beige, limp... they're the garibaldi of the pudding world.

How would you describe your wine list?

James: It’s mostly the wine I want to drink (although I’ve let others take charge from time-to-time). All price points are covered with bargains to be found the lower down you get. Considering the size of the list, it's Champagne-heavy - this was part of my hospitality upbringing.