The menu at The Palmerston changes everyday - if you had to, which dishes would you pick as your signatures?

Lloyd: Probably our pies. The restaurant’s not far from Tynecastle or Murrayfield so they’re always very popular on match days. They probably comfortably serve three people but James and I regularly polish them off between us. We don’t serve them with mash - they’re good enough on their own.

Are there any ingredients or dishes that you’d never put on the menu?

Lloyd: Îles flottantes! They're just a bit shit really - beige, limp... they're the garibaldi of the pudding world.

You have one of the best wine lists on the market. If you could save just one bottle from the cellar, what would it be?

James: Pelegrim from Westwell winery in Kent. Westwell in general are just class, but this is my favourite. It’s the ideal alternative to champagne and goes with pretty much everything.