At Tonic we bring original, strategic expertise that supports our clients’ aspirations to be the very best. Our intention and objective is to celebrate you and your brand in the media to achieve tangible results for your business. Tonic clients feel supported, able to navigate challenges, and optimistic about the future. We bring tangible results to astute, savvy and ambitious clients to fulfil their goals and amplify their message to influential media and their audiences in the UK and beyond.

We provide invigorating, refined communications solutions and have a proven track record of uplifting sales for leading hospitality individuals and businesses in London and beyond. We believe it’s our transparent and open ethos and our approachable, value-driven offer that keeps clients retained for many years. 


At Tonic we use the entire breadth of the agency’s experience and contacts to create pitches that make the lives of journalists easy, and land brilliantly. Our clients benefit from our collegiate approach to secure them coverage that both builds the brand and impacts commercial revenue. We’re ambitious when we pitch, and strive for you to be front and centre of every story.

It takes expertise to extrapolate the best narrative from a hospitality business and at Tonic we don’t rely on you to generate the news, we help sculpt press-worthy strategy and activations for you year on year. We know what makes an engaging, brand-building story, and we sell those stories in a way that excites and engages media audiences.

Profile building

Hospitality businesses are so often the result of years of research, hard work and fine-tuning and we delight in building the brand, reputation and standing of the talented people behind them. We work with media with real integrity to promote the work of Chefs and restaurateurs to share their expertise, insight and creativity with the public. Our work will help you set you apart from the competition and position you as leading individuals and brands with a strong, engaged profile to match. Telling your story is an essential part of bringing kudos and sales to your business, and it’s an integral part of any relationship with Tonic.


A refined, accurate and precise tone is at the heart of everything we do as an agency, so it’s no surprise that we offer copywriting as an integral service. From newsletter copy to building your website, from press releases to packaging, our words and direction for your business create a brand, convey a narrative and precisely target your ideal consumer. When you get this right, it’s powerful stuff and can be transformative, so let us help you.


We understand that PR garners the best results when it’s supported with marketing, social media and a savvy team on the ground to execute sales. At Tonic we bring enthusiasm, expertise and a black book of contacts to help you get the best from a unified strategy. At Tonic we share ideas and work openly and creatively with your inhouse teams and other agencies to make sure timelines and approaches are aligned, that you’re targeting the right individuals in the right way, and that you’re generating the sales you need.

Crisis management and navigating these testing times

Brexit, tripadvisor, inflated rents, Covid-19, these last few years have been testing, and no industry has been affected more adversely than hospitality. At Tonic we are committed to helping clients navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities. Whether it’s being a sounding board at the end of a long day, providing consultancy for the whole business, or advice on site procurement: at Tonic we pool our combined and varied expertise to deliver solutions.

There’s no communications issue which can’t be improved with Tonic’s thoughtful, considered and engaged response. No matter the issue, working with Tonic means negative publicity is minimised and you have a strategic, resourceful team by your side.

Our community

When you start a relationship with Tonic you intrinsically become part of our network and a significant member of our community. We’ll encourage cross-agency partnerships and collaborations (where beneficial); we will connect you to the very best journalists; and we will introduce you to individuals and organisations that improve your business proposition and bottom line. To be a client at Tonic is to become part of a collective united by passion, drive and an ability to be the very best in hospitality.