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Koya launches letterbox udon and dashi

With nationwide delivery via Koya Mail

On 15 February, Koya, the udon noodle specialist in Soho and the City, will launch its ‘Omiyage’ box with nationwide letterbox delivery via Koya Mail - bringing Koya’s signature Japanese udon and dashi to kitchens across the country for the first time.

Priced at just £14 including delivery, each box contains Koya’s freshly made dashi broth and udon noodles - enough for two generous servings, or four well-sized lunch portions - packaged in a sleek Koya-branded wool-insulated package designed to fit through your letterbox. Handmade fresh the day prior to landing on your doorstep, the udon and dashi are vacuum-packed to give a 7-day shelf life, allowing Koya’s udon and dashi to become a kitchen staple in households nationwide.

The boxes are inspired by the Japanese custom of ‘Omiyage’: souvenirs gifted to friends, family or even coworkers when returning from a trip as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation. With travel off the cards, Koya is bringing this tradition to your doorstep, making the boxes a unique pick-me-up treat to send to loved ones or a simple, nourishing, and fresh alternative to your standard dinner or working-from-home lunch.

Each box will come with an exclusive recipe card from Koya’s head chef and co-owner Shuko Oda, starting with a simple recipe on how to cook the udon and dashi at home so customers can master the basics. The collectible cards will change monthly and will be supplemented with Instagram ‘how to’ videos, with upcoming recipe cards offering expert tips on how to recreate Koya’s most loved signature udon dishes at home, from Lamb cumin miso to Buta (pork) miso. The possibilities are endless.

The Omiyage box will be available to pre-order directly through Koya’s website from 09 February. Koya will deliver the Omiyage boxes every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday via DPD. Orders must be placed before midnight the day before. 

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