Two minutes with Aushi Meewella, co founder of Kolamba and Kolamba East

What inspired you to embark on a career in hospitality together?

Eroshan and I started working together over a decade ago – he on property development and me on interiors. When we decided to open the restaurant it was a no brainer for us to pool skills and our knowledge of finance, property, design and marketing to give the venture a real shot at success. Obviously we are both Sri Lankan and for us the idea of sharing our culture with London was an exciting venture.

Tell us about the name ‘Kolamba’ and why you chose it for your restaurant?

Kolamba is simply the Sinhalese name for the capital of Sri Lanka. Our concept was about bringing the most authentic elements of where we were born and raised (Colombo) and introduce the melting pot of ethnicities, languages, flavours and religions that the city hosts.

Lots of your menu is inspired by recipes from friends and family. What is your go-to nostalgic dish and the story behind it?

Our favourite is probably Nalini's fish cutlets and Aunty Mo's chatti roast. The former is a recipe by Eroshan's mom and her cutlets (bites of spiced fish and potato rolled in breadcrumbs and delicately fried) have always been the most authentic and well loved at any a party – an indulgent snack which every Sri Lankan loves! The latter is a comforting blend of Malay and Sinhalese flavours donated by Aunty Mo – the mother of a very close friend who runs a successful food business and is probably one of the best home chefs we know.